The Return of Mr Phillips

Summary The Return of Mr Philips. Yellen indicates rates will rise in 2015 United States: Headline CPI drops more than expected United Kingdom: Could UK rates actually fall? ‘ Good morning, Despite chaos all over the place, the Fed obviously… Read More ›

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  • The Wisdom of Solomon


    Summary Russia ruined US doesn’t want to see the end of Putin These are the times gold bugs live for United States: Housing data in line United States: All eyes on the Fed ‘ ‘ ‘ Good morning, You always… Read More ›

  • A Minsky Moment?


    Summary EM Crisis: Oil and emerging markets Russia: Full blown currency crisis United States: Better IP data Eurozone: Bundesbank irrelevant now China: Business sentiment slows ‘ ‘ Good morning, Unfortunately, the last time I saw something like this oil was… Read More ›

  • Oil Slump


    Summary Stocks and Oil continues to slide United States: Consumer confidence hits a 10 year high Eurozone: Weak start to Q4 activity data The Week ahead: All about the Fed Good morning, Although much has been made of the windfall… Read More ›

  • No easy decisions


    Summary Thinking like an Italian Eurozone: Industrial production slows in Italy Crude Oil: Breaking thresholds United States: Retail Sales accelerate China: Activity data in line with expectations ‘ ‘ Good morning, Heading into yesterday, the positioning ahead of the TLTRO… Read More ›

  • Oil Bust!


    Summary Oil makes a new low as markets continue lower Eurozone: French Industrial Production slows in October Turkey: Growth slowed more than expected in Q3 ‘ ‘ Good morning, Everyone is a genius in a flat market, but when a… Read More ›

  • Risk Off!


    Summary Equities move to risk off Eurozone: Fresh elections in Greece United States: Small business confident Australia: Supervision on alert United Kingdom: Industrial production slows ‘ ‘ Good morning, Somethings just go from bad to worse. The poor Scousers, out… Read More ›

  • Beware Consensus!


    Summary The World: The danger of the consensus trade China: Bond Dilemmas South Africa: Current Account worsens in Q3 Taiwan: Better export data Eurozone: German production slows ‘ ‘ Good morning, The dangerous level of consensus for 2015 is the… Read More ›

  • Captain America

    Captain America

    Summary What a difference a week makes! Looking for a hawkish Fed next week United States: Blow out employment growth Eurozone: German Factory Orders surprise to the upside. The Glenn Hansard Theory of Economics ‘ ‘ Good morning, It’s been… Read More ›

  • Missing an Opportunity?


    Summary ECB: Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity Draghi buckles under German pressure United States: Better service sector sentiment Russia: Stagflation stalks ‘ ‘ Good morning, Many years ago the erudite Israeli foreign minister and Belfast resident, Abba… Read More ›

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