Mixed Meassage

Mixed Messages

Summary Mistakes in the Middle East? Yellen sends a muddled message United States: CPI slows in August United Kingdom: MPC talks down the growth outlook Eurozone: Final August CPI comes in above expectations ‘ Good morning, As I write to… Read More ›

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  • For Queen & Country


    Summary United Kingdom: House prices continue to push higher United States: FOMC Preview United States: Produce Input costs fall China: Central Bank turns the taps Eurozone: Business expectations stabilise in September Good morning, The UK and Irish betting company Betfair… Read More ›

  • Leading the charge


    Summary A global coalition forming to take on IS? United States: Mixed data as we wait for the Fed Australia: RBA getting concerned about the housing market ‘ Good morning, A few simple words from people in power can truly… Read More ›

  • China Syndrome


    Summary China activity data slows United States: Consumer looking up Russia: Central Bank on hold Eurozone: Industrial growth returns   Good morning, Along with the Scottish election and the Federal Reserve meeting, one of the overarching themes in trading this… Read More ›

  • Normalisation Process


    Summary Bond markets prepare for more volatility United Kingdom: Housing market slows United States: Weekly claims increase   Good morning, Spare a thought for the poor interest rate traders. It has been a frustrating year for them because of the… Read More ›

  • Putin’s War

    Punk Econ

    Summary New Punk Economics Geo-Politics: The Russian – German alliance? Eurozone: Spanish wobbles United States: Inventory build slows in July China: Inflation slows in August Good morning, For my latest thoughts on the big European picture, I urge you to… Read More ›

  • Bono’s business lesson


    Summary U2: From Live Aid to Live Nation Europe: ECB stuck in the past United States: Small business confidence improves United Kingdom: Manufacturing accelerates in July ‘ ‘ Good morning, Yesterday U2 gave a master class in business strategy. Reinvention… Read More ›

  • China Rising


    Summary Alibaba and the 40 Thieves? China the largest economy in the world? Germany at it again in July United States: USD continues to rally Implication of Super Dollar Good morning, Yet again the financial press is getting its knickers… Read More ›

  • Too close to call


    Summary Scots go alone? United States: Payrolls disappoint in August China: Record trade surplus in August Week ahead: US consumer in focus Good morning, My grandparents, Bobby and Sadie Mc Williams, emigrated to Ireland during the War of Independence from… Read More ›

  • The “Lower Bound”


    Summary Thoughts from the Mountains The ECB surprise markets, more to come United States: Economic story reaches maturity United Kingdom: Bank of England on hold as expected ‘ ‘ Good morning, I am writing from a wet, damp, but still… Read More ›

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