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Changing Gear

Summary The Fed: Changes gear United Kingdom: Rate expectations dimmed Eurozone: Easing in financial conditions? ‘ ‘ Good morning, The Fed put its foot on the accelerator yesterday, but then thought better of it. However, the sense that it may… Read More ›

No Stress?

Summary Eurozone: Digesting the bank stress test Eurozone: Greeks playing games Ukraine: Vote more trouble with Russia United States: Mixed data to start the week United Kingdom: Q3 GDP in line with expectations ‘ Good morning, The main headline from… Read More ›

Blurred Vision

Summary US growth concerns fade United States: Better data all round United Kingdom: Solid Retail Sales for September Eurozone: Better German business confidence ‘ Good morning, The first case of the Ebola virus has been reported in New York, the… Read More ›

The reach for yield

Summary Stocks rebound Equities: Valuations and macro fundamentals solid? Commodity Prices: Supply issues the killer United States: CPI somewhat stronger than expected China: PMI rebounds in September Good morning, While the bond markets might be scenting some deflation in the… Read More ›


Summary Eurozone: ECB buying corporate bonds? Eurozone: Pressure mounts for fiscal stimulus United States: Existing home sales rebound United Kingdom: Public sector borrowing higher than expected ‘ Good morning, European equity and bond markets jumped higher on headlines that the… Read More ›

Still Turbulence

Summary Equities: Watch for more buybacks Equities: US equity yield reasonable High Yield: It’s gonna’ keep selling Eurozone: French and Italian budgets China: Hong Kong still dominates data ‘ Good morning, Spare a thought for fellow travellers this morning as… Read More ›

Panic, what panic?

Summary Markets: The Fed wants a sell-off Monetary Policy: Working through asset prices Risk assets: Value returning? United States: Good economic data all round China: Better loan demand Good morning Again I am writing to you from 35,000 feet. This… Read More ›

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