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October yet again!

Summary Markets: Rout in global equities United States: Gasoline prices a boost for consumers United States: Retail Sales slow in September United Kingdom: Jobless claims fall again ‘ Good morning, What is it about October and crashing markets? After three… Read More ›

Last Minutes Count

Summary John O’ Shea – Germany’s Minsky Moment USA: Bonds look expensive, don’t believe the hype! United States: Small business sentiment holds up United Kingdom: CPI slows dramatically Eurozone: More bad news ‘ Good morning from a blurry Dusseldorf, There’s… Read More ›

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!

Summary Group-think and Irish football Risk assetsas QE ends A new ‘Minsky moment’? China: Trade data improves in September ‘ Good morning, As I mooch around Dusseldorf’s Old Town this morning, son in tow in his full Irish colours, I… Read More ›

Germany’s Pain!

Summary Germany struggling Eurozone: When will the ECB release the results of the bank stress tests? Russia: Trade balance shrinks in August Eurozone: Italian Industrial Production rebounds in August ‘ Good morning from the flight deck, 30,000 feet up and… Read More ›

Germany vs the ECB!

Summary Draghi clashes with Schaeuble Eurozone: German exports slump in August United States: Weekly job claims hit a new low Australia: Home loan demand slows ‘ ‘ Good morning, In the same way that the last battle in Northern Ireland… Read More ›

The Next Turn

Summary Slowing global growth, a polarized picture Bond Yields bottoming? United States: FOMC sends a dovish signal Eurozone: Spain standing strong ‘ ‘ Good morning, Recent news coverage of the Ebola crisis is truly terrifying. With roughly 3,866 confirmed deaths… Read More ›

Turning Japanese?

Summary Japan: Foot off the pedal Globe: IMF Cuts Global Growth United States: Job openings increase United Kingdom: Signs of credit tightening Eurozone: German Industry slides ‘ ‘ Good morning, While the forex world was hanging on every word from… Read More ›

Zig and Zag

Summary Germany: Orders slump, recession ahead? The Fed: Beware Zig and Zag! United States: Stocks shaky on Q3 earnings Australia: The RBA still making it up! ‘ Good morning, Is Germany heading for a recession? If so, what happens to… Read More ›


Summary  Europe: Germans share bathwater! United States: What really moves inflation United States: Employment accelerates Russia: Inflation up in September Eurozone: Final PMI suggest further weakness ‘ Good morning, Hope you had a good weekend. I was left with the… Read More ›

Boxed In!

Summary Draghi: Turning the Euro into the Lira Eurozone: No QE in 2014 yet United States: Mixed day for data ahead of employment report United States: Lower gasoline to help the consumer ‘   Good morning, Although they didn’t do… Read More ›

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