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Pontiff on the ball!

Summary The Pope is on the ball! USA: Better GDP, but dodgy police! USA: House prices drive consumer confidence Australia: Aussies talking their own book Eurozone: French confidence improves ‘ ‘ Good morning, Rarely do you read quotes in financial… Read More ›

6 Nations forecast

Summary Germany eyes Japan via China Draghi mans up! China: Tinkering United States: California leads US jobs market The Week Ahead: Eurozone CPI and bank lending ‘ ‘ Good morning, After that brilliant performance against the Wallabies, please allow a… Read More ›

Rock boys are we!

Summary Japanese property anyone? Inflation: gone, but not forgotten United States: Economy continues to progress United Kingdom: Retail Sales accelerate Eurozone: German economy slows further ‘ ‘ Good morning, Many years ago I went to a big school in Dublin… Read More ›

Japan’s not working

Summary Will QE work for the Eurozone? Japan: Abe postpones tax and calls snap election United States: Producer prices jump United Kingdom: CPI stabilises in October Australia: Moody, worried and concerned ‘ Good morning, The Japanese economist Richard Koo has… Read More ›

Greek Style?

Summary Japan: Not sensing much change Focus on: Greece The EU: Is there value in Greece right now? United States: Mixed data to start the week ‘ ‘ Good morning, Markets have started the week on the back-foot. JPY volatility… Read More ›

Deutscheland uber alles?

Summary Euro: Positive for once! The US rate conundrum United States: Jobs outlook continues to improve United States: Dudley warning Eurozone: German & France GDP better than expected ‘ ‘ Good morning, Strangely, the Eurozone – against all expectations –… Read More ›

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