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Beware Consensus!

Summary The World: The danger of the consensus trade China: Bond Dilemmas South Africa: Current Account worsens in Q3 Taiwan: Better export data Eurozone: German production slows ‘ ‘ Good morning, The dangerous level of consensus for 2015 is the… Read More ›

Captain America

Summary What a difference a week makes! Looking for a hawkish Fed next week United States: Blow out employment growth Eurozone: German Factory Orders surprise to the upside. The Glenn Hansard Theory of Economics ‘ ‘ Good morning, It’s been… Read More ›

Missing an Opportunity?

Summary ECB: Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity Draghi buckles under German pressure United States: Better service sector sentiment Russia: Stagflation stalks ‘ ‘ Good morning, Many years ago the erudite Israeli foreign minister and Belfast resident, Abba… Read More ›

Looking Out

Summary Beginning to look at 2015 US very strong, EU and Japan basket cases United States: Better construction spending Australia: Weaker than expected Q3 GDP ‘ ‘ Good morning, Heading home from Cork, a lovely city, which looked beautiful in… Read More ›

Steady as she goes

Summary Russia: Worth a look? United States: Manufacturing sentiment strong United Kingdom: Manufacturing sentiment picks up Eurozone: Mixed production signals ‘ ‘ Good morning, I may go bargain hunting in Russia soon as its stocks are back down to 2008… Read More ›

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