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Inflation Disappears

Summary EuroZone: The Germans go to court Equity Market: Volatility picking up dramatically! United States: SME Business Confidence at cycle high UK: Sweet spot. Inflation down, growth up! ‘ Good morning, Jaysus it is freezing here! Heading to London this… Read More ›

The oil effect

Summary Some thoughts on the Euro and emerging markets The dollar and gold conundrum Russia: Stagflation here? China: Better export data to end the year ‘ ‘ Good morning, It’s nice to see Latin men doing what Latin men do!… Read More ›


Summary Eurozone Politics: gaining altitude 2015: Year of the election Increased volatility ahead United States: All eyes on today’s employment report ‘ ‘ ‘ Good morning, Let’s stand back today and get a bit of perspective in terms of the… Read More ›

Confused? Me too!

Summary French murders and French politics The inconsistent triplet! Volatility to the fore, everywhere! United States: Fed minutes also suggest uncertainty We are confused too! ‘ ‘ Good morning, It is hard to concentrate on something as mundane as money… Read More ›

Barbarians at the gate?

Summary Oil breaks below $50, what next? United States: Confidence continues Eurozone: Business confidence stable Eurozone: Outsiders at the door Eurozone: The ECB’s three options ‘ Good morning, With oil below $50, markets continue to be spooked about what it… Read More ›

The Red Crescent?

Summary Islamophobia in Europe? Germans playing games. I never loved you anyway! Greek exit not priced into markets Bond yields continue lower ‘ ‘ Good morning, One of the most interesting political developments for a while has been the weekly… Read More ›

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