Learn with David

This is a completely unique course, delivered by a brilliant teacher who brings over 25 years of economic experience to you. From the foundation of the Euro to the Asian crisis, from the great property boom/bust of the Noughties to the rise of China and today’s massive expansion in central bank activity in the economy, David brings hands-on experience as a central banker, global strategist with large investment banks, bestselling author and award-winning economic commentator and financial documentary maker.

This course is packed with information, ideas and dynamic animations, which will help you understand not just what is happening in the world economy right now, but why it is happening.

Delving deep into economic history, we bring you right up to today, as we lift the lid on why the economy works as it does, why the authorities react as they do and how all this affects your livelihood, prospects and income.

So, if you want to know how the global economy works and your place in it, this is the course for you.

This course takes a completely novel approach – one you will not see anywhere else – that makes your educational experience more like watching a lively documentary than sitting in a dry classroom.

Over the next nine hours or so, we will make economics relevant, taking you with us on a journey from the middle ages to modern China, from ancient cities in central America to today’s Wall Street and into the mindset of the powerbrokers in the EU. You will be exposed to all the great economic thinkers, their economic theories and how and why they differ. They will form the fundamental basis of the course.

This will be a fascinating experience and one that should be surprisingly easy to follow. Our motto regarding economics is “what is important is rarely complicated and what is complicated is rarely important”. We will make economics simple without simplifying and our aim is to impart as much of our knowledge to you as effortlessly as possible so that you finish the course knowing how to join up all the dots and you understand why the global economic system works as it does.

  • Course includes 14 HD video lessons
  • Supplemented by downloadable notes & reading list
  • Special animation makes tricky concepts simple without simplifying
  • Traces the development of economic thought from Adam Smith to the present day
  • Test your knowledge with tailored quizzes for each section
  • No extra materials or purchase necessary

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