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When the good and normally placid people of Hong Kong occupy the streets, you know we are in strange times. But this is precisely the point, 2014 is the year of the street. By this I mean street politics, protest politics and expressions of nationalism, frustration and a demand for something different from Ukraine, to Edinburgh, Thailand, Mosul and soon, Barcelona. This is a worldwide issue and its isn’t going away.

Last night, thousands of Hong Kong citizens protested across the city, blocking roads and prompting the closure of banks and schools. They want what we have, democracy. New i-phones only satisfy so much!

Police attempts to use teargas to clear huge protests from Admiralty and Central in downtown Hong Kong late on Sunday backfired by spurring more people to take to the streets. There are now tens of thousands out marching. Fresh protests sprang up in Causeway Bay and Mongkok, in Kowloon.

Hong Kong enjoys considerable autonomy under the “one country, two systems” framework and has long been promised universal suffrage for the election of the next chief executive in 2017. But protesters are furious that the rules announced by Beijing will impose such tight controls on candidates that a true democrat could not even stand. They see the decision as part of a broader attempt to tighten controls on the region.

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