Weekly Note – May steps into the unknown

May steps into the unknown

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When it comes to negotiating the UK’s departure from the EU, the current size of the government’s majority (17 MPs) was always going to be an issue — especially with 50 or so Tory MPs in favour of a hard Brexit and unwilling to hear any utterance of the word ‘compromise’.

Opposition parties, particularly the Lib Dems, will now make the case again for the UK remaining within the single market and having another referendum once the terms of the exit have been laid out. But, with the Labour party currently in disarray and polling (in a poll of the polls) around 15 points behind the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems still facing an uphill struggle to win considerably more seats, the 8th of June will likely see Theresa May elected with a larger majority. This will not only strengthen her hand at the negotiating table in Brussels, but should also see the influence of some of her own backbenchers vouching for a hard-Brexit being significantly diluted. It is critical to remember that a majority of Tory MPs actually voted to Remain, and will be keen that the whole process of the UK’s exit is managed.

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